Flexible Liner Ponds

Installing AQUAPRO PVC Pond Liner - Securing with rocks

Flexible Liner Ponds

Learn how to choose and install the right pond liner for your situation.

Flexible pond liners allow you to create the shape and size pond that suits you and your garden. Being flexible they can conform to most designs. Pond liner is available in rolls, with widths of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 metres. Our pond liners offer peace of mind with 10 year guarantee for PVC and 20 year guarantee for EPDM.

Calculating Liner Size

Use the easy formula below to calculate liner size.

Liner Length

Length (a) + Depth (b) x 2 + 80cm

(40cm overlap each side under rocks)

Liner Width

Width (c) + Depth (b) x 2 + 80cm

(40cm overlap each side under rocks)

Calculating Pond Volume

Use the easy formula below to calculate pond volume:

Length [m] (a) x Width [m] (c) x Depth [m] (b) x 1000 = Litres

eg. 4m x 6m x 1.5m Rectangle = 36m3 x 1000 litres

= 36,000L

Pond Liner Installation

  1. A outline of a new pond on grass - graphic

    Step 1 Digging

    Once you have decided where to locate your pond, lay out its shape on the ground with a piece of rope or garden hose. Next, excavate the depth of the shelves, which should be approx 20cm wide and 25cm below the water level – sloping inwards. Then dig out the rest of the pond.

  2. A pond that has been dug out of grass - graphic

    Step 2 Prepare and Line the Pond

    Remove all sharp stones and debris and ensure the top of the pool is even. Prepare pond area with clean sand or underlay. Drape the liner loosely over the top and lightly anchor in position with bricks or rocks evenly distributed around the liners edge.

  3. A pond that has been dug out of grassed and lined with bricks holding the lining down - graphic

    Step 3 Fill and Finish

    Run water into the pond gradually, tucking the liner into shape to ensure a neat finish. Any wrinkles present will disappear as the pond fills. Once filled allow to settle for a minimum of 7 days. Trim excess liner and complete by edging with stones or paving. See below for edge treatment methods.

Pond Liner Edge Treatment Methods

Different ways you can configure your pond.

Big Garden Pond Treatment

Bog Garden

Moisture loving plants in waterlogged pocket or shelf. Soil must not be too rich in nutrients.
Waterfall, Cascade, or Stream Pond Treatment

Waterfall, Cascade or Stream

Rocks and pebbles laid in a mortar or sand on liner. Liner is laid wide as possible and extends into pool to minimise leaks. Use double layers or shade cloth to protect liner from rocks et cetera.
Raised Concrete Block Pool Pond Treatment

Raised Concrete Block Pool

Raised Brick Pond with Cap Pond Treatment

Raised Brick Pond with Cap

Pebble Garden Pond Treatment

Pebble Garden

Rounded pebbles on gentle slope. Shade cloth should be used on top liner for puncture protection.
Rock or Stone Edges Pond Treatment

Rock / Stone Edges

Accurately leveled shelf to support rocks (Mortar optional. Layer of protection essential above and sand bed below)
Sand Beach Pond Treatment

Sand Beach

Sand on Gentle slope. Use 50mm sand bed or a liner underlay beneath pond liner.