How to install a Preformed Pond

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How to install a Preformed Pond

Follow a Step by Step DIY Guide to installing your pond and All-in-One Pump & Filtration System

They’re very easy to install and they come in different sizes.

The Basics - Easy DIY Pond Project

If you have always wanted to have a pond, but thought your backyard was too small, don’t worry, the good news is, AQUAPRO have a number of preformed ponds to help you. They’re very easy to install and they come in different sizes. We have chosen the AQUAPRO Argyle Preformed Poly Pond 185L , it is one of our favourites.


It is so simple really, you dig a hole, put the pond in place, and fill in the gaps, easy. And oh, and don’t forget, you must level the pond. It’s better to dig straight into the ground but if you have a slope, then a raised garden bed will make a nice feature too.


Apart from the pond itself, the other important bit is the filtration. Filters should be on top of the pond essentials list. Though they come in different types, sizes and forms, they follow the same purpose – to keep the nitrogen cycle stable.

For starters, this is the Nitrogen Cycle:
Ammonia – As organic matter (dead leaves, fish waste, etc.) in the water builds up, ammonia levels will start to rise. This is extremely harmful to your fish and other animals in the pond.
Nitrites – The beneficial bacteria in your filter will break down the ammonia and turn it into nitrites. Nitrites are still toxic.
Nitrates – The bacteria in your filter will break down the nitrites, turning it into nitrates. This is the least harmful among the 3 and this is what live plants consume.

The idea behind filtration is to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria to break down ammonia and nitrites. Nitrates will be dealt with by live plants and regular water changes, with this in mind, we suggest the AQUAPRO 1000 All in One Pump and Filter.

Whats in the Box?



Thanks to our DIY Guru Charles Lara for the guide and images.

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