Water Feature Pumps for Small Spaces: Creating Impactful Displays

Water Feature Pumps for Small Spaces: Creating Impactful Displays

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However, many homeowners with small backyards think installing a water feature is out of the question.
Well, we’ve got good news. With a little planning and the right Aquapro water feature pump, you can easily create a spectacular display in gardens of any size. crystal clear.

Water feature pumps: Powering artistic displays everywhere

Water feature pumps are the workhorses of any fountain or decorative living display, from the Trevi fountain in Rome to your backyard bird bath.

Pumps are responsible for circulating water and creating the necessary pressure for fountains and waterfalls.

These compact machines tend to be hidden out of sight. But they’re always working hard to enhance your water feature’s visual appeal, create a soothing auditory experience, and keep the water oxygenated.

Choosing the perfect water feature pump for small spaces

Even if you have a small backyard, there are still plenty of options for adding a water feature.

Small water features can be as simple as a bubbling bird bath or a gently cascading waterfall. They can be an elaborate focal point in a compact garden, such as a tiered fountain or a water wall. They can be abstract installations, classical cascades, or subtle accents in a themed backyard.

The bottom line? No matter your style, there is a small water feature that is perfect for you.

And there is a water feature pump to match.

Choosing the right pump is crucial to bring your small-space water feature to life without overdoing it.

Maximum head height

The maximum head height is the most important factor in water feature pumps for small spaces.

This is the maximum height water will reach, measured from the water surface to the outlet. 

Our water feature pumps for small spaces also note the recommended head height, which is the height water will reach under ideal conditions.

We typically recommend leaving a little wiggle room to avoid overstressing the water feature pump.

For example, our Aquapro AP1050 water feature pump has a maximum head height of 1.75 metres and a recommended head of 1.2 metres.

This means it performs best in water features up to 1.2 metres (120cm) tall.

Flow rate

While it’s unlikely that your compact water feature will have a huge reservoir, your pump’s flow rate is still important.

The flow rate refers to the volume of water that the pump circulates per hour. We recommend choosing a pump that circulates at least the volume of your water feature – however, like maximum head height, a little extra capacity is never a bad thing.

If you’re unsure, you can use our pond volume calculator to estimate your water feature’s capacity.

Powering your pump

Most water feature pumps for small spaces are powered by electricity because they need to run day and night to oxygenate the water.

Our pumps are designed for safety around kids, pets and gardens, with rigorous testing to ensure they’re safe to use 24/7.

We also offer solar-powered water feature pumps and low-voltage options, so you can achieve that little bit of brilliance in your backyard without worrying too much about positioning for power.

Filtering your feature

As a general guide, all outdoor water features – even those in compact or covered spaces – should incorporate a filter.

Our water feature pumps for small spaces come with internal sponges and are compatible with  external sponge filter attachments to clean the water before it enters the pump system.

Meanwhile, the Aquapro AP750LV low-voltage water feature pump is designed for indoor use with clean water, such as tabletop water features or small interior courtyard fountains.

Installation tips to bring your water feature to life

Installing a water feature in a small space requires thoughtful planning. Consider the scale, placement and surroundings, including:

  •       How a variety of materials can create interest and texture in compact spaces
  •       Using plants and flowers to create a lush atmosphere
  •       Illuminating your water feature at night for a magical effect
  •       Positioning your water feature in partial shade to preserve the pump and slow evaporation

Our experts at Aquapro also recommend regular maintenance, including checking the filter, monitoring water levels and cleaning contaminants, to keep your water feature bubbling away happily all year.

Find your ideal Aquapro water feature pump

With your new knowledge about head heights, power supply, filtering and flow rate, check out our range of water feature pumps for small spaces to find the right system for your feature.

We also offer a range of products and accessories to simplify your water feature project, including accent lighting, water feature components and spare parts.