Advantages of Submersible Garden Pond Pumps

Advantages of Submersible Garden Pond Pumps

Advantages of Submersible Garden Pond Pumps

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful garden pond as a stunning outdoor centrepiece. To keep your water feature looking gorgeous, clean and healthy, it’s important to choose a reliable pond pump capable of discreetly moving and cleaning the water. 

There are many benefits to investing in a durable submersible pond pump, and they’ll all improve the value of your water feature as a truly beautiful garden asset.

You’ll find there is a range of pump styles available, however it’s the submersible pumps that are superior in many ways. Keep reading to find out why.

What is a submersible pond pump?

A submersible garden pump is completely immersed in the pond water. It can be positioned in any convenient location, as long as it is completely submerged. The intake is easily extended to draw from a suitable location in deeper water generally at the opposite end to the outlet or cascade. The true beauty of submersible pond pumps is in their diversity of use. Pump models are available for a petite feature moving small volumes of water an hour to meeting the demands of a waterfall. All from an unseen pump.

Being underwater aids in the cooling process of the submersible garden pump, this:

  • Increases its operating efficiency
  • Improves longevity 
  • Reduces maintenance
  • And makes operating noise all but unnoticeable

Compare this to ground-mounted external pumps which require consideration in design to conceal, are prone to overheating, especially in warmer weather, and may require a sound-dampening enclosure to avoid running noise.

Benefits of installing a quality pond pump

A watergarden or garden pond should be serene, beautiful, and require minimal maintenance. This means a quality submersible pond pump offers a lot of advantages to practically-minded homeowners:


Placed underwater, a submersible pond pump emits almost no sound, unlike over-ground alternatives which can make an irritating buzzing noise. 

Easy to install

As well as robust functionality, a submersible garden pump is straightforward to install with minimal upkeep. Once placed in the pond, this affordable pump is protected from physical damage which may occur in the landscape to an external pump. By their very nature they are water-cooled both internally and external reducing running stress and increasing operating life. 

A wide range of options

In the AQUAPRO range you’ll find there is a submersible pump to suit ponds of every size and style. Whether you simply want to: 

  • Circulate the water 
  • Have a dramatically cascading waterfall
  • Avoid problems with hot weather 
  • Host a school of fish

There’s a durable, easy to install, submersible pond pump to suit your pond’s needs

Which submersible pond pump is right for me?

Choosing the right submersible pond pump is the key to ensuring a beautiful pond, and a relaxing, low-maintenance backyard. Key considerations to make when choosing a submersible pump include:


Match your pump size to two things – the volume of water in your pond (in litres) and the level of flow you require. It’s generally considered good practice to have a pump that runs a little higher than your needs as you can always throttle the flow a little. 

Correct flow 

On the pack of all AQUAPRO submersible pond pumps you’ll find a ‘head table’. This tells you how much water the submersible pond pump puts out when the outlet is positioned at different heights. The pump volume is expressed on the box, let’s say 1,000L per hour, is at water level. The higher the outlet the lower the volume of water. For example, if you require 1,000L an hour at 1m above water level, you’ll need to refer to the ‘head table’ to find the right pump. Easy! 

Reliability and power

Investing in a quality pond pump from a recognised and long establish brand means gaining a reliable product designed to last. Your submersible pond pump will also have readily available spare parts and be backed by a ‘no-hassles warranty’.


All AQUAPRO pumps include information on the box about power consumption, so you can select the right pump to meet your needs.

Experience and quality with AQUAPRO pond pumps

AQUAPRO are leading providers of premium submersible pond pumps across Australia. Their products are recognised and renowned for their quality, reliability and durability and they’re all backed by dependable and professional service and support. 

You’re not just investing in the quality pond and water feature equipment, it’s about peace of mind too. 

Browse AQUAPRO’s wide range of submersible pond pumps online now, or get in touch with a friendly team member today with any queries.