Get your pond ready for winter

Get your pond ready for winter

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The winter months can throw out your pond’s ecosystem if basic maintenance is neglected. Clogged filters, algae control problems and hungry predators are just some of the issues you can avoid with the proper preventative maintenance. AQUAPRO has assembled a handy guide to help your pond survive the colder months. By following these tips, your pond will survive the cold spell and start to thrive when spring arrives.

Start by cleaning  the pond

Cleaning your pond will give you a great head start before installing a net or adding clarifier bacteria to the water. If excess food from Autumn has settled in your pond it can be easily removed with a fine net or with the help of a pond vacuum. Remember to check the filter and remove anything that could clog it up if ignored – this is one of the biggest hidden problem areas in ponds.

It’s also advisable to reduce feeding frequency at this time of year as many fish will not be able to digest foods well in the cold. Start with a clean pond and your friendly inhabitants will thank you for it all winter long.

Install a net

Autumn might have ended but many trees are still dropping their leaves. This can fill up your pond and clog the filter. Installing a cover net is easy, and it will save you a lot of work through the cold months. AQUAPRO stocks cover nets in several sizes.

A net will also keep hungry predators away. They’re great protection for small pond fish that have been left exposed as many pond plants and lily leaves will have become dormant with the cooler weather.

Add clarifier to the water

After this basic maintenance, we recommend the addition of clarifier bacteria to help break down any residual waste and keep water conditions healthy for your fish. This should be repeated on a regular basis (every week to four weeks) depending on the fish stocks in your pond. Keep an eye on the water over winter and clear out any excess waste or rogue leaves before they cause a problem. Remember, if you are adding tap water to your pond at any time you will need to remove the chlorine and chloramine with a quality water conditioner like AQUAPRO Pond Treatment & Conditioner.

AQUAPRO has everything you need

With all the best equipment to care for your pond and the right advice every time, AQUAPRO is the place to go for all your pond maintenance needs. You can browse our pond care and filtration products online or call us on 1300 278 283. We also have everything you need to get your pond and water features in tip-top condition — have a browse online or find your nearest Bunnings Warehouse. You should also check out the solar pumps for your pond to have a beautiful fountain spray in it powered completely by the sun, with the compact, environmentally friendly design, designed to Australian standards. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a pond professional, our products will stand up to the test every time.