The Benefits Of Having A Pond In Your Backyard

The Benefits Of Having A Pond In Your Backyard

AQUAPRO - Lily in a pond

Ponds don’t just look amazing, they also create a relaxing atmosphere and are extremely beneficial – and in some ways that might surprise you!

Why add a water feature to your garden?

1. Improve the health of your plants

Did you know that ponds help regulate the temperature in your garden? Along with cooling down the area and providing moisture to the air and soil around it, the water also extends the growing season as it heats up during the day and radiates warmth around it at night. If you install a water feature – your plants will love you for it.

2. Attract wildlife

Birds, bees and other wildlife need to find sources of drinking water, and your water feature will help your garden become a valuable little eco-system for those in your area. Why is that helpful for your garden? Insects, such as bees and butterflies, are incredibly important for their help in pollinating your garden, while other animals like birds are great for controlling pest populations. Not to mention, they are a gorgeous addition to your backyard for you to watch while enjoying the beautiful sounds they create.

3. Add value to your home

Having your property landscaped is instrumental in increasing the value of your home, and even doing something as simple as adding a water feature, such as a pond, can help improve the overall aesthetics of your landscape. With so many options to choose from, from a Koi Pond to a larger rock pool, you can experience the benefits of a water feature no matter the size of your area. Imagine adding a tiered waterfall to your front yard, or a lily pond with stunning blooms – that’s a sure way to increase your kerb appeal.

4. Transform your atmosphere

Everyone loves the sound of water. From a trickling waterfall to a bubbling pond, adding a water feature to your garden will create relaxing sounds which are calming and increase your sense of well-being when you are outside. Water features help add a pleasant white-noise that masks the sounds outside your walls of cars, neighbours and street noise. Water also releases negatively charged ions into the air which assists in eliminating free radicals while purifying the air of dust mites, germs, pollen, allergens and other pollutants. Watching the water slowly trickling and flowing also calms the mind and helps relieve anxiety and stress.

For a happier, healthier outdoors, a water feature is a simple and effective way to help you get the most out of your space!

If you are about to begin a DIY project or install a water feature in your backyard, AQUAPRO has everything you need from ponds to pumps and accessories – pop into your local Bunnings to pick up your supplies.  If can’t get power to your pond and looking for some environment and eco-friendly pumps, solar pumps are the ones you should go for.