Everything You Need To Know About Pond Health

Everything You Need To Know About Pond Health

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If you want to keep your pond healthy year-round, here are a few ways to clean and maintain to keep it in the best condition – no matter the season.

While no pond is totally maintenance free, if yours has been thoughtfully designed and installed with a high-quality filtration system, it should only need you to give it 10 to 15 minutes maintenance time, once or twice a month. For ponds with fishy friends, we’ve found that overstocking and overfeeding fish is the most common source of water quality problems – so make sure you aren’t too generous!

Our top 4 keys to a healthy pond

1. Regular Maintenance

First off, make sure you are running your pump and filter 24/7, and have scheduled maintenance times into your diary to keep an eye on things. Change the water, about 10-25%, once/twice a month to freshen up your pond and keep the algae under control. Make sure to remove any pond debris while doing so.  

By regularly cleaning your pond, you prevent leaves, silt or mud from building up in the pond and clogging the filter – saving you money and keeping your pond healthy.

2. Yearly Overhauls

Schedule in a time to completely clean out and refill the pond once or twice a year.

  • Take out plants (leave in shade in buckets of water).
  • Remove water (to strain – don’t throw away).
  • Scrub the pond interior.
  • Check the pond liner for leaks.
  • Service the pump and filter and check lights.

After everything is spick and span, replace the plants and fill the pond – slowly – using a water neutraliser to remove chlorine and a slime coat for the fish. Use as much of the original pond water as possible, just strain thoroughly. If you have fish, wait until the water has cleared and the pump and filter are up and running, before returning them home.

3. Plant Maintenance

During your yearly maintenance, it’s a good opportunity to check on the health of your plants. While they are out of the pond, trim and divide larger plants then re-pot – don’t forget to carefully line the containers with newspaper. This stops any excess soil draining through the holes. If you have fish, top with a layer of pebbles so they can’t dislodge the plant and muddy up your beautifully clean pond.

4. Pond Accessory Upkeep

A key part in every healthy pond, your pond pumps, fountains, filters and under-water lighting should also be serviced regularly.

  • Remove from the pond and wash all parts with a soft brush. If possible, remove covers etc. to get to the serviceable parts and inspect for damage or wear and tear to leads.
  • Check pump impellers and fountains for blockages.
  • Replace any damaged parts.
  • Check underwater lighting, clean lenses and replace any faulty/broken globes.
  • Service UV lamps. Clean the glass housing and replace the globes yearly.

Important – only wash filter sponges or mesh in the pond water itself to keep beneficial bacteria.

If you need a new filter, pond lighting, algae blocks or more, AQUAPRO has everything you need when it comes to ponds, pumps and accessories – pop into your local Bunnings to pick up your supplies.