4 Ways A Pond Increases Your Health and Wellness

4 Ways A Pond Increases Your Health and Wellness

AQUAPRO - A small gentle waterfall

You’re not alone. Studies have shown the powerful effects that water has on our mental health, and including a pond or water feature in your garden is a great way to experience those benefits yourself!

So, how does having a pond increase your health?

1. Natural air purification

Water releases negatively charged ions into the air, assisting in eliminating free radicals, and naturally purifying the air of dust mites, germs, pollen, allergens and other pollutants. If your pond also has water plants, then you double the purification effect, as plants are well-known for reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, increasing oxygen, and helping eliminate toxins.

2. Improves mental health

The sound of running water has an intrinsic calming effect on the human brain, slowing down our heart rate, melting away stress and putting us in a healthy, relaxed state. All this improves our mood, gives us feelings of wellbeing and helps with sleep. The ‘white noise’ it provides, helps create a sense of privacy and isolation, blocking outside sounds like traffic and noisy neighbours.

3. Encourages you to go outside

When you have the lovely sights and sounds of a pond, flowering water plants and slowly swimming fish, you are naturally drawn to spend time outside. From reading a book or sipping your tea by the pond, or just wandering around your garden, you’ll find yourself outside more than usual. We spend too much time indoors, so the lovelier your outdoors – the more you will want to be there, and the more health benefits you will receive.

4. Enhance creativity

All the mental health benefits of running water and the beauty of a well-designed water feature can actually help to stimulate creativity and help with feelings of alertness and mental energy. Do you work from home? Having a water feature outside your office window might just get those juices flowing!

Ready to invest in a pond to boost your health and wellness? AQUAPRO has a wide range of ponds, pumps and accessories – pop into your local Bunnings to pick up what you need and enjoy the benefits of a water feature in your landscape.